4G Broadband

To who having an problem of application with local Internet Services Provider for services port full, missing unit not in place, expensive of wiring & installation cost or not within serviceable area. (no coverage)

ITE Telecom has developed state of Business Solutions of 4G Wireless Broadband Internet Services and IP Telephony (fixed-line number), and FREE offering complete and full-featured CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) to fulfill your needs while creating more value-added and cost-effective services for small and medium businesses.

About 4G

HIGH SPEED 4G speeds up to 21mbps


SUPPORT Phone and Fax

LOW COST Local & IDD Calls

PORTABLE Plug & Play

NO Installation Cost !
NO Equipment Cost !


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Package Details

  • Speed up to 21Mbps
  • Unlimited data bundle
  • 15GB Capped / throttle down to 512kbps
  • Free 1 Fixed Local number (tel)
  • Local Call : 10sen/min
  • Fixed Line (Flat STD) : 12sen/min
  • Mobile (Flat STD) : 12sen/min
  • IDD : As low as 12sen/min
  • FREE Equipment
  • FREE Installation (basic)
  • FREE Registration

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