SIP Telephony

Local Number for Business

An New Brand Idea for small offices and businesses. Maximizes cost effective and flexible telephony interfaces.

What We Delivery

Cost Savings of monthly rental compare to expensive traditional analog fixed-line (PSTN)

Cost Savings of making calls compare to expensive Telco business call rate.

Cost Savings of IP Telephony System compare to most Telco IP Telephony with full feature.

All-in-One solutions and services, we provide SIP Telephony for voice calls and IP Telephony System (which is SIP Trunks and SIP Terminals)

ITE SIP Voice Plans

Single-line & Multi-line

SOHO Single-line

RM39monthly rental

(1 line only)

  • Local Call : 10sen/min
  • Fixed Line (Flat STD) : 15sen/min
  • Mobile (Flat STD) : 15sen/min
  • IDD : As low as 12sen/min
  • FREE Desk phone
  • FREE Installation (basic)
  • FREE Registration & Activation

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